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A Tourist in - St Andrews

A Tourist in - St Andrews

It's only when you leave a place like St Andrews that you realise just how special it is. Having lived for four years in this little town, in the run up to Graduation it became apparent to me that I had not taken much time to be a tourist there, so I created a bucket list which went as follows:

  1. Visit the Isle of May - to see the puffins (April - September)
  2. Eat lobster in Crail - £20 a pop (bring a picnic)
  3. Visit the Cambo Estate - during their Snowdrop Festival
  4. Go kite surfing on West sands - with Blown Away
  5. Do a pier jump - because it's a time-old St Andrews tradition and I always missed the sunny days
  6. Visit the 'Secret Bunker' - Fife's most well sign-posted tourist attraction
  7. Play a round of golf on one of St Andrews' many golf courses - choose from 14 different courses
  8. Sit on the student 'Castle ledge' - another student tradition
  9. Go gliding over the town - Leuchars?
  10. Have a spa day at the Fairmont, (or preferably) The Old Course
  11. Eat lunch at The Grange Inn - beautiful little restaurant and inn just outside town


However, for those taking a brief trip up to St Andrews, here are my top tips of things to do when staying in St Andrews:



  • Lade Braes - Walk to where you think the end is, and keep on walking
  • Walk around the Balgove Estate - Beautiful views over the town and beyond
  • The beaches - West Sands, East Sands & the Pier - Re-enact Chariots of Fire on the West Sands
  • Fife Coastal Path (St Andrews to Elie) - A long walk, which can be broken into shorter legs. Elie is particularly stunning.

Things to do

Fine Dining

Eating Out

  • The Ship Inn, Elie - Homely pub overlooking Elie beach
  • Janetta's Ice Cream Parlour - Best ice cream in town/Scotland/(dare I say UK?)
  • North Point - Nothing on America, but the best pancakes in town 
  • The Balgove Larder - Farm to fork food. Their Steak Barn (open in the summer) offers a rustic, al fresco dining experience
  • Anstruther Fish Bar - Traditional, award-winning fish and chips in a cute seaside town
  • Cottage Kitchen - Family-run café where coffee and breakfast are highly recommended
  • Taste - Hipster coffee shop serving the best coffee in town

Pubs, Bars & Clubs

  • St Andrews Brewing Company - Small German-style beer hall serving locally-brewed ale, as well as a brilliant selection of Scottish gin and whisky
  • The adamson Bar - Modern, sleek, elegant and the smartest cocktails in town
  • The Criterion - One of the locals' favourites with very friendly staff
  • Ma Bells - Student hangout during term times, Hugh Grant's infamous hideout
The adamson Bar



  • St Rule's Tower and St Andrews Cathedral - St Rule's Tower is said to be haunted and offers one of the most striking views over the town. (Not to be attempted with large bags as it's a tight squeeze)
  • St Andrews Castle (and tunnels) - Comprehensive history of St Andrews. (Warning: tunnels not to be attempted by those with claustrophobia!)
  • St Mary's Quad - Founded in 1538 the University of St Andrews' School of Divinity. The prettiest quad in town.
  • St Salvator's Quad - In the heart of the town next to St Salvator's Chapel, Sallie's Quad is the largest in St Andrews. 
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