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The Startup Series

The idea for this series began when I was still at university. In St Andrews, there is a brilliant startup food scene, including the likes of Eden Mill, St Andrews Brewing Company, Kingsbarns Distillery and a student-run enterprise called 'Soooshi', which all really took-off during my time there. When I moved down to London, I noticed this spirit of entrepreneurship in the production of craft food and beverage products (and other related products) was very much alive and growing year-on-year.

Being greatly passionate about the production of food, and the food tech industry, it seemed like an obvious topic to write a series on. The series was created, really, to celebrate entrepreneurial energy within the UK food and beverage sector, from products to restaurant openings and food delivery services. Please feel free to get in touch with me through my Contact page, should you wish to feature in the series.

Many thanks,

St Andrews Larder

Toast Ale - Tackling food waste one loaf at a time

Toast Ale - Tackling food waste one loaf at a time