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Crobar - Convincing the nation to eat crickets, one bar at a time

Crobar - Convincing the nation to eat crickets, one bar at a time

How do you feel about eating crickets? Still not sure? Well, Crobars are the product to change your mind. Established by Christine Spliid, Crobars are protein-rich energy bars made with cricket flour.

Inspired by her trips to Cambodia where a vast array of insects are eaten on a regular basis, Christine noticed the trend becoming more popular in Holland and America. After researching the environmental benefits of consuming protein from insects, Christine was a cricket convert.

Crobars currently come in four different flavours: Raspberry & Cacao, Coffee & Vanilla, Cacao and Peanut. (All of which I can advocate taste great and make the perfect post-workout snack). The bars are gluten-, dairy-, soy- and GMO-free and made with roasted cricket flour, which gives them their high protein and vital micronutrient content. As far as superfoods go, cricket flour should be high on the list.

Before getting Crobars off the ground, Christine ran a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, which attracted the attention of the press for her unique (and at the time, off the wall) idea. Having fundraised enough to begin production, Gathr Foods has grown from strength to strength, winning 1st prize in the World Food Innovation Awards 2016. 

It took several months to develop the unique line of flavours, working closely with the UK manufacturer in the test kitchen trialling different combinations. Surprisingly for some, the production of Crobars is kept in the UK, because of the importance of quality and reliability in the manufacturing process.

Having started with two flavours (Cacao and Peanut), Christine has had to work hard to try and convince her customers that they should be eating insects. However, turning insects into a tasty product is a strong selling point, and people in the UK are becoming more receptive to the idea over time; proving both a fascinating and rewarding experience.

From here, Christine is looking to sell more cricket flour based products. But, for now at least, these remain a closely guarded secret!


Christine’s top tips for future entrepreneurs: 

"Have confidence in yourself and your idea, surround yourself with people who have more experience in the business, and have fun! "


 Top tip for baking with cricket flour:

Replace only 5-10% of your normal flour with cricket flour and add extra moisture to compensate for the fact that cricket flour is dry by nature.

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