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Best Gelato in: South Kensington, London

Best Gelato in: South Kensington, London

When it’s hot in London, the best thing to do is grab some gelato and find a spot in the park to chill out.

Top suggestion? Hit up South Kensington - London's gelato haven, grab a scoop (or three) and make a beeline to Hyde Park. Weekend sorted.


Top Gelato Spots in South Kensington


Snowflake - Best for special flavours

Address: 42-44 Thurloe Street, London SW7 2LT

Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 10am-11pm

Favourite flavour: Peanut Butter Gelato sandwich (made with Pip & Nut peanut butter!)


Four Winters - The new kid on the block

Address: 103 Gloucester Road, London SW7 4SZ

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-11pm, Sunday 1pm -10pm

Favourite flavour: Blended combinations including Piña colada (bring the beach to you), or Knafeh - a Middle Eastern treat


Scoop - It's all in the name

Address: 16 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3DL

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed 12pm-10.30pm, Fri-Sun 12pm-11.30pm

Favourite flavour: Push the boat out and get a hot waffle with 'Cannella' (Cinammon) ice cream


Oddono’s - The classic (and all-time favourite)

Address: 14 Bute Street, London SW7 3EX

Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 9.30am-11pm, Fri-Sat 9.30am-12am, Sun 9.30am-11pm

Favourite flavour: Pistachio (obviously)


Welcome to gelato heaven...

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