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Best Bars in St Andrews - Fife, Scotland

Best Bars in St Andrews - Fife, Scotland

For Cocktails:

The adamson bar - South Street

The classiest cocktail bar in town, the adamson’s latest addition is just as stylish and popular as the original restaurant. Venture through a star-strung entrance to the left of the restaurant into the sleek, eved bar of vibrant orange and gun metal grey. The menu is select but brilliant, offering ‘favourites, potions and infusions’. For those with a sweet tooth, try the Passion Fruit Meringue Martini, for everyone else; anything ‘smoking’, ‘flaming’ or involving dry ice promises a spectacle for the eyes and a revelation on the tongue.

The West Port - South Street

Become part of the Cocktail Club, sampling classy sips from The West Port’s beautifully-designed cocktail menu. Mixes vary from fruity to bittersweet, and the mixologists at the bar serve each with style. Get there early to grab a seat downstairs where ashamedly comfy leather sofas ease you into the evening. In the warmer months, the beer garden opens at the back of the restaurant, adding style to any Scottish ‘summer’ day.




Fondly known as the ‘Brew Co’, this is St Andrews’ answer to a German beer hall. Serving a variety of their own beers and ales, St Andrews Brewing Company became a quick favourite amongst students and locals alike after its establishment in 2013. Perfect for beer-lovers, gin-bunnies and whisky-connoisseurs, the Brew Co. offers an incredible selection of Scottish gins and whisky, completing the national triology of speciality drinks. Be sure to ask for advice from the staff if you are feeling indecisive. 


Locally known for its live music nights, super friendly staff and local laughs, ‘The Crit’ is the hide-out for more mature students. Perfect for an end-of-the-day pint with friends, the pub’s traditional Scottish interior and south-facing outdoor seating offers the best of both worlds come rain or shine. Class favourite is Three Hop Lager from Caledonian, Edinburgh; a crispy and characterful beer not to be found anywhere else in town.


Do not let the Taylor Walker stamp put you off, The Central is a pub with an authentic Scottish heart. A favourite in the winter months for mulled wine and hot apple cider, this pub, with its rich, dark-wood interior offers warmth and a wealth of pub culture; including sports, pints and retro game machines. So order yourself a drink and settle into their old-time leather benches, with a huddle of closest drinking compatriots. 


For Drinks-All-Round:


Known predominately as a restaurant, Forgan’s bar is a less-known hit for a drink with a friend or two. Best visited on a Friday or Saturday night when the Celidh (‘shoogle’) kicks-off at 10pm. The interior is modern-meets-traditional and the friendly bar staff will readily assist with any queries you have for their extensive ‘Stories behind the bar’ drinks menu. Highly recommended are the Scottish Beer and Gin, Wine and Whisky Flights, to get to know the menu and select your favourites for a menu-savvy second visit.

The Vic - Market Street

The first place in town to serve cocktails in jam jars, The Vic is where bright young things gather for music, drinks and dancing. The bar is well-stocked offering numerous gins, beers and mixers. Be prepared to get your elbows out to get a drink and buy two whilst you are at it. Class favourite is the classic Barcardi Mojito: Dangerously drinkable. 


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