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Top Foodie April Fools of 2016

Top Foodie April Fools of 2016

Introducing the Carlsburger

Kobe beef is old news. Steaks? Over-rated. It’s time for a new Burger King: The Carlsburger. These burgers are made from beef of cows raised on two pints of Carlsberg per day. We hear they have a distinctly hoppy flavour. 

Pornhub to Cornhub

The title says it all. Cornporn. Magical. The Green Giant’s new favourite website.

Pimm’s sponser Big Ben

Pimm’s announced it’s successful sponsorship deal with Big Ben, making every hour “Pimm’s o’clock”. Elizabeth Tower will be re-branded with the Pimm’s logo throughout summer. The deal was completed on the promise of a generous donation from Pimm’s to contribute towards the restoration of the world-famous tower.

OpenTable Taste

OpenTable has released a new app which allows customers to “try before they buy”. That’s right, OpenTable Taste is a revolutionary app that you can download to your phone or tablet and through incredible 4D technology consumers can lick their screen to sample dishes before purchase.

Launch of the left-handed sandwich

For years we have seen the injustice of land-handed people having to using right hand scissors, rulers, even sandwiches. Thankfully a bakery in Bolton has managed to create a left-handed sandwich. Ambidextrous people move along, these sandwiches are in limited supply and there might be a bun fight with an unsuspecting left hand swing if you stand in their way.

Just chips at Burger King

Ever felt like you couldn't finish your meal at Burger King? You are not alone. But luckily, the fast-food chain have started to sell single chips.  And better yet, the chips come in three different sizes. It’s a bit like Goldilocks but for French fries.

McDonald’s has landed

Introducing ‘McMoon’, McDonald’s first restaurant on the moon which is expected to open in early 2017. Top tip: Book yourself a seat on Virgin Galactic asap because now McDonald’s has landed, those tickets are going to sell faster than you can say ‘Happy Meal’.

Foreign-exchange for “overworked” bees

In their latest campaign to protect British bees, Rowse honey have announced a foreign-exchange for their honey bees who are reportedly being overworked in cold, intense UK conditions. This 10-week exchange will see Mexican honey wasps taking over for a while. The company also hope that the new bees will be able to meet demand for new exotic flavours recently seen in the FMCG industry. Don’t worry, the Mexican bees will be made to feel at home with the installation of UV lamps and music playing from top artists such as Enrique Iglesias.

Drone delivery

With the rise of Deliveroo and other home-delivery services for food and beverages, Tennent's have launched their own ‘Tennent’s Rapid’ campaign, delivering a 4-pack of Tennent’s straight to your door using drones in 30-minutes flat.

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